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Brake Duct/Cooling Advice Wanted

Just want to get some advice on brake ducting/cooling. I've been tracking for 5 years, running advanced groups for last 2, mostly VIR full course, few days at Road Atlanta, This year I will be running my new mostly stock ZCP M3 with carbotech XP20/XP10 front/rear pads. In the past, I've had 2 335's that I've tracked and I've had huge problems with front brake heat warping/destroying rotors and front pads. VIR full is pretty tough on brakes.

So the question is should I expect the same heat problems from the M3 or is it better at handling this? If I'm in for the same issues, I will go ahead and start looking into some kindof brake ducting package now before the track season gets started. If the M's design is better at handling this then I will get it a try as is and see how it does. I like the cantrell brake duct package but it's so expensive…. Don't want to go that route unless it's definitely needed.