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I guess you really LOVE your Z4M, huh? You say it gets worse mileage than your SUV (16-18mpg) and it loses ALL the time when compared to the Porsche Cayman S by the car mags. In addition, apparently you're SO satisfied with your Z4M that you're definitely getting rid of it and looking at either the Audi RS5 (yeah right ), a Porsche, or you'll get nothing an drive your SUV...all this when your lease on the Z4M is over of course; but for now, your stuck with your Z4M...I feel so sorry for you.

Since your posting history proves that pretty much all you do on this Forum is either bash the 335i or argue about religion and the Iraq War; so, why don't you just go back to arguing about religion and leave this community, you dumbas$.

btw -- if your "SUV" you drive is the Infiniti FX45 (which really isn't an SUV...more of a Crossover) definitely don't get better mileage than your Z4M; I drove a loaded FX35 and got 15-16mpg city / 20mpg hwy, so i know the 8 cyl. FX45 gets worse mileage than that. I loved both my loaded and modded Infiniti '04 G35 Sedan and loaded '03 FX35 btw...great cars.

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