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Originally Posted by carve View Post
That was fantastic- who wrote that?

When I first found myself single I broke every one of those comandments- once with an absolute dream-girl. I didn't know such a combo of smart, adventurous and sexy was possible. Needless to say, I completely blew it. I told myself that wouldn't happen again if I ever met another like her. I've learned a lot about women and myself and things are SO much better now. There are definitely a few areas in there I still need to work on. However, some of those, such as having backup girls, are less practical in a marriage or monogomous relationship, but echos what I said about how it makes you a lot less needy and makes her compete for your affection.
I think it's a good list too. But I personally would let a few of the things go once/if you're in a lovey-dovey relationship. Namely V & VI.

V: Don't shower her with gifts (she'll get bored and expect it) but you don't need to always wait on her. Show her you appreciate her from time to time (be spontaneous with it!). Don't be soft and say 'I love you' all day. But say it whenever you feel like it, you're a god damn man.

VI: Keep teasing by all means but for serious things if you can be open about your emotions (vulnerable as Mark Manson describes) they may find it genuine and masculine that you're not afraid to share. The fact you can admit too -and stand behind- your girly side might just make you more manly. It also shows you trust her.

Basically keep up the fun, be dynamic, and be genuine. Being a boss always helps too

Of course this varies from girl to girl. If you want to keep lots of models around ignore what I just said. Be rich and have little time for them (more time in the ferrari anyways). Speaking from absolutely no experience.

This is just from my humble view.
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