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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Having sampled both a GT3RS and a Lotus Exige, I'd say the latter is a LOT closer to a "street legal race car", at least as it comes from the showroom. Sure the Porsche is faster, but raw speed alone does not a racecar make. (there are a variety of purpose built non-street-legal racecars that would have their asses handed to them on a wide open track by a ZR1 vette)

When I first folded my rickety old self into the Exige, with acres of bare metal exposed in the interior (car did not have the touring package, owner was super hard core), no creature comforts, no glovebox, manual steering, honestly, it made the GT3RS interior seem like a plush luxobarge in comparison.
I forgot about the Lotus. I was thinking more about mainstream makes, hence why I didn't mention Caterham, Ariel, etc. I was thinking more about cars with roll cars/harnesses off the top of my head for a quick reply.
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