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Like you said, the product was never bought through us and you have bought from another private seller. Installation for this matter does require countless adjustment and or tweaking to have it fit. The M3 hood does have a few adjusting locations. You can obtain this info by looking at the OEM installation guide.

As far as going beyond and giving our company a bad reputation, I think it's unnecessary. We never sold you the product. You have never dealt directly with us. We're just carrying a product as a distributor. The issue is between you, the seller, and perhaps Arkym (if the hood was made poorly). Not sure why your jumping in the thread and making accusations flaming our company. From what I'm gathering, your pissed at the fitment of Arkym products. There's no direct relationship with PYSpeed. There are other sellers who sell Arkym products as well.
This is in response to a post made awhile ago but just wanted to point out that this hood was indeed purchased from eric.

I understand you covering for your shop but the hood doesnt fit as it should and was purchased through pyspeed. I dont know who test fitted the products for pyspeed but maybe he needs to check his glasses. Heres the thread that states this hood was purchased from pyspeed through eric. either way i would have been getting the same product if it was purchased from another retailer, but that wasnt my point.