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Since i made this thread i looked at few different cars. One was a 2013 GT500 , never got to test drive one. But i found a lot of dealerships were selling them overpriced or didn't want to trade my dealership for the car. i realized car is kind of hard to get without ordering what you want. I did find one that was priced well and located in Ohio which was not to far. but sold the day i called them .

I wasn't set on a GT500 but wanted to see what was going on with prices. Nothing really worked out in my favor and decided to pass on the stang. I also HATED the interior, but i am sure the power and noise would make up for it.

I went to my local BMW dealership last week to talk about M3. Also did not go well, as I could not find a manual transmission with the packages i wanted plus color. But found there were a lot more with DCT that could possible be traded for. Since they had a M3 on the lot, it would make a trade easier. I then went home for a fews days did little research on DCT.

Went back and test drove the DCT, found it was quite enjoyable. Keeping in mind this was my first time driving a m3. My thoughts were classy, sporty and quality build. Fell in love.

Although i had mixed feeling about the DCT and it becoming rather boring as time went on. I also was not looking forward to ordering and having to wait. If this was not a DCT i probably would have needed a manual. But i put a 1,000 deposit down and made a arrangement/agreement for the dealership to find me a car i wanted. They found a few dealerships had them in the color i would prefer. I am hoping i hear good new today, but worse case i will take the one they have on there lot.

good forward to having a M3 this week.