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Originally Posted by anthonyrap View Post
I recently sold my 2011 Alpine White M3 with VF Engineering VF540 supercharger kit for a 13' Nissan GTR Black Edition and can't be more happy with my decision!

-The M3 was a beautiful car inside and out.
-I would rate the interior an 8.5/ 10. The interior was very comfortable and had all the amenities that I could possibly ask for. The interior also had a very high quality to it as well. The interior was very quiet and barely allowed any outside unwanted noise to be heard. But when comparing the look of the interior to other cars in its price range, the M3 fell short of the expensive luxury look that some of the other vehicles had. Such as the Porsche and Audi RS5.
-I rated the exterior a 9.5/10. With the BMW Performance accessories, such as the carbon fiber front splitters, mirrors, roof, and spoiler, the M3 had a very aggressive/sports car look to it. The exterior was beautiful and had a nice balance of aggressiveness and luxury.
- I rated the DCT Transmission a 10/10 because it was just perfect in every way. The DCT Transmission was second to non and shifted perfectly. The DCT Transmission was my favorite thing about the M3.
-I rated the engine a 8.5/10 because although it had an immense amount of high end power from its 4.0 liter V8, it lacked the torque and low to mid range power of today's supercharged and turbocharged engines. The engine was very powerful at high rpm use. Although, even with the addition of VF Engineering's VF540 supercharger kit, the M3's torque and low to mid range performance left me always craving much more. The supercharger kit gave the M3 a decent amount of mid range power but the high rpm range is where I really noticed the difference in power from the supercharger kit.
-I want to note the BIGGEST reason why I sold the M3 and went with the Nissan GTR. "TRACTION". I rated the traction of the M3 a 6.5/10. Although the M3 had a ton of power and was a blast to drive on the highway, it just didn't have ANY traction. With the addition of the supercharger, the M3 simply could not put the power to the ground. I found myself constantly drifting the car when I didn't intend to and spinning the tires with the smallest amount of throttle in 1st and 2nd gear. The Nissan GTR, with its AWD system, does not have this problem and puts the power to the ground with perfection.

-Overall, I was very pleased with the M3 and would rate the car a 8.5/10. I would have rated it a 10/10 but the lack of traction, torque, and low to mid range performance was very difficult to overlook considering I do most of my driving on back roads in Connecticut.

On the other hand the Nissan GTR has a beautiful interior, exterior, and obviously engine/transmission. The interior is a little louder than the M3 and the ride is a bit stiffer but other than that the GTR is a better all around car than the M3 by far. I am very happy with my decision and if anyone is thinking about going from a BMW M3 to a Nissan GTR, I 100% recommend it!!!

Hope this helps anyone deciding to go from a BMW M3 to a Nissan GTR.
Great review!