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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
and a cup car will get its ass handed to it by an F1 car. oh no, cup car isn't a race car following your logic.
you realize there are different categories of race cars. Rally, GT, Formula, etc...

Dude. A "race car" is any car that is built specifically to compete in a racing series and is not street legal. The cup, RSR and R hybrid fit that description, your GT3 does not. It has aircon and a nice stereo and nav and all sorts of luxury bits.

It's a great car as I have previously stated, but it is a far cry from the greatest thing ever made (nobody will ever agree on what the "greatest car ever" is, but they will unanimously agree that the GT3 is not it) and owning one doesn't give you license to be quite possibly the largest douchebag I have ever encountered on an internet forum.

I also would venture to guess that with a lighter chassis and significantly more power available, Don's project car might give you a serious run for your money on a track. And in my experience following his build threads, he does amazing work.

Silly man.