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I have gotten a good amount of questions, so I will put some of the answers here.

It is off warranty, and I did not purchase an extended warranty or an extended maintenance plan. I personally came to the conclusion that it was not worth what BMW was asking, so I did not do it. You may disagree, but somebody just told me the purchaser should be able to do this themself if they desire. You can check on purchase price or logistics for either or both extended plans by calling your local BMW dealership service center, giving my VIN, and asking for a quote.

I am fine doing PPI at buyer's expense.

Asking price only includes one set of wheels and tires (your choice). You do not get both sets. You also do not get the winter tires free if you elect the 18s (unless, of course, you do not want the 18" summer PS2s). The price also does not include the short shift kit. The body painted side markers I will gladly hand over to the buyer at no charge if they want them. I will, however, give preference to a buyer that is interested in buying the additional items for a fair "package" price. If you are such a buyer, PM me which additional items you are interested in, and your offer.

Short shift kit was never installed because I have two kids and life got in the way.

I am on business travel most of this week, so be assured I will not be able to show the car this week or do PPI this week.

I am willing to talk to anybody interested on the phone. Just PM your number.

Preferred logistics for me would be that the buyer brings a certified or cashier's check for the total amount. My bank will inspect the check and say it is cashable, and I will then sign over the title then and there. For locals, I would be willing to drive the car on my plates to the DMV. For non locals, we will figure out something.

I do not have photos of the bumper damage any more - they were on my old phone. Damage included a two to three inch long gouge in the rear bumper cover only. There was no damage found under the cover when removed. The shop ordered a new OEM bumper cover instead of repairing the original, which was AOK with me.