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Originally Posted by jumpmanballerz View Post
haha yea thats something thats always in the back of my head. Truly i should just focus on getting a house first.. BMW's are just so tempting though haha.

I am in a bit of a unique situation though.

I have my downpayment saved, and i get 1.5% financing because i work at a bank. So those factors help a lot.

Also this summer im moving out with the GF and not sure if we will have a garage. Then after one year of renting if it works out im going to buy a house with her, then maybe get married, have kids all that jazz.

Im just nervous that it might be impossible to get anything once all those expenses start coming up haha.

Really what i SHOULD do is just drive volvo until i have a house and save about 15-20k to throw at my car after i buy a house.
I already have 50k saved for a house. Im sure i could save 20k over the next 2 years to.
It's never impossible, just keep focus on your goals and you'll get there. Get your house, because real estate is a different beast and the earlier you get in the better. No need to remind you cars go the other way in value (well most of the time).

You sound young, but I'm 33 and could never see myself having the things I do in my twenties.

Good luck, the wait is worth it.
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