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Thanks for the info bro! I am certainly looking forward to the event and meeting likeminded enthusiasts from around the country! So lets kick-off the Vet list for CO MFest attendees so that we can get this part of the mission squared away. Just first name & handle. Please keep in mind this list is for those Vets that have a confirmed registration...I will go first:

1. Kevin aka Saint Van Rock - USAF

In order to get this done as-soon-as possible within a reasonable timeframe to allow folks to respond, please provide your info NLT 1700hrs MST on 13 March 2013.

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I had a chat on the phone with MFlight member M3 JP, it seems you guys have some members in other parts of the country that are asking questions and are thinking about linking up with my Caravan. I know for you guys that live in Colorado it makes no since to come all the way down and try to link up with my caravan do not do that stick to your more easy route please. Another thing I want you all to know, if you have any Military veterans in your caravan make sure you identify them now because they will be given a special award from MFest. So make sure you identify them by name and the caravan leader of you guys keep track because last year MFest gave out awards to the vets and did not have enough to go around so don't get left out. I recommend as you get your list of people going and have " Registered " make sure on your caravan list of people going you put if you are a Military vet and what branch you served. It don't matter if you are currently active duty, retired or not. They are going to thank you for your service. Once you have your count of Vets that are actually Registered to go to MFest, I recommend PM your list to: Laidback (MFest Chris the founder). If you want you can PM me the list to me as a back up. do this as soon as possible. If anyone has any questions on the Texas Caravan or any questions of me you can send me a PM. Thanks and I look Forward to seeing you all at MFest 7 don't be a stranger at MFest come talk to me you can't miss my car and I will be somewhere with a ton of camera's on me taking pics

You can find info on my Texas Caravan here :

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