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Lol this thread is getting crazy. Funny thing is this is the first time I saw it.

Im not going to say whos faster than others but a friend wanted me to post videos of personal experience. Im by all means not the fastest 335i or the best driver. Im guess im just the most filmed... lol

So here you go.

These videos were taking a while back.

The videos of me vs my buddies z4m coupe were taken when I had the following mods :

procede, custom exhaust, itg filter. Same old 275 nittos in the rear. (1 passenger)

My buddies z4m coupe had supersprint exhaust and grouppe m intake.

I forget what speed. Probably like 60-130. Been so long since Ive seen these videos.

Sorry for the sound. We were both on blue tooth, you can hear him say "shit... jesus" on the phone tho lol.


Heres a couple vs my friends stock e46 m3. 1 passenger for me. He had 1 or none I cant remember.

Mods i had at this time:

Procede, custom exhaust, itg filter, 275 nittos.

0-120mph. If i remember I boged this launch.

Heres my other friends stock e46 m3.... AKA The infamous youtube videos :

I had 1 passenger he had none.

Mods I had here were:

Procede, custom exhaust, ITG filter, 275 nittos

From a 15 mph roll:

from a dig :

Friends catback and cai ls2 gtohonks came from the gto, we both had 1 passenger)

Mods here:

procede, itg filter, custom exhaust, 275 nittos

60 mph to 140

60-140/150 i forget.

My friends 390 rwhp e39 m5, yes hes modded...Hes the strongest e39 m5 Ive run. Well at least around here. We have a few friends with modded / stock e39 m5's and hes the quickest.

My mods here :

Custom exhaust, custom FMIC, custom ducts, custom gutted cats pipes. (basicly custom DP), procede. stock filter.

all to governed speeds... well for me

I have tons more videos but I kinda got sick of trying to find them all.

All the races were from sea level. These are just my personal experiences. Hope this help anyone wanting to know whats what.

My car is back in the shop getting more crap done. All in all I guess its like a progression of my car in these videos. But I still need a tune.

Hopefully I will get it within 2 weeks. I just have to make an appointment.
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