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Its the ATS and C that are stealing from the 3. about 2000- 2500 ATS are being sold monthly, that's 30% of the 3. But in the past months, the C has taken the 3's top spot in this segment by more than 1000 units monthly. I mean what the hell is BMW doing? The C doesn't have anything better than the 3 (only had a refreshment, not even a new gen), but just better marketing strategy. The new F30 is being priced too high. So high with so few standard features that people are turning away from it. And now BMW sees the need to bring in the 320 to compete with the C250 or the IS250 by volume (or people who were driving a Regal or TSX now want a bimmer). But the base MSRP is still over 32k, with few horse power than a freaking HONDA ACCORD 2.5L, and a Sonata has 18 hp over this POS. What kind of fucked up mind would go spend that money and get a 320? Oh, my friend's mom's car is faster than yours. Wait until the C gets its next-gen update and when the Q50 comes out, what's left for the 3? And after watching the SuperBowl ad, which single man wouldn't want a sexy looking CLA when the summer comes? (i know it's FWD, but w/ more hp and more torque and over 2k below the 320 + MB badge, isn't almost everything working out for the potential 320 customers?) Really got think about what my next car going to be.