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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
I never took away from the ambition or skill. From that PoV it is awesome.
It is to me (and most porsche drivers) a mockery of the car. As if someone would put an AMG engine into an 3series and then badge it "A //M G". I'd love to see the shit storm that would brew around here. Hell, false badging any car here gets tons of hate, but gutting out the heart of a porsche for some american big block?

A 911 is a street legal race car. GT3 Cups are not street legal.

It is a track day car that you can use to drop off the kids and do the groceries with. I daily drove mine for 3 years.

A 911 is not a luxury sports car. It is a street legal race car. If you choose to option it out as a luxury car, that's your prerogative.

Sports chrono pack will give you datalogging. Suspension, engine and brakes are a far cry from race cars? LOL, you've never driven a Porsche have you? Let alone a GT3 RS.
HAHAHAHAHA that must be a fucking JOKE. A car that is moderately quick and nimble is by no means a "race car."

Do you see a cage? -No.
Do you see slicks? -No.
Do you see a bucket and harness? -No.
Do you see creature comforts? -Yes.

Wow, a base model 911 sure looks like a race car to me

If you want to see a street-legal race car, you don't even have to look at a different make. The GT3RS is about as close as you're going to get to a street legal race car. Get off your high horse and let the man enjoy his Porsche that he's actually building and putting hard time and labor into himself instead of paying a lot of money for. Looks like he's the true Porsche purist here, if you look at Ferdinand Porsche's quote at the beginning of this thread.
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