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The fuel economy i can live with for the 4 months of summer that we get. The concern i have is right now i cant afford a new one so lack of warranty becomes a top concern. The 08s with 70 000 plus kms for in the $40 000s are what i could afford this summer. I would say about 45k top. So would i be making a mistake getting one of these cars off or almost off warranty? Maybe by next summer my budget might be around 55.

So i could go for something around 40 or wait tell next summer or just get a 335i or 335 d for now. Maybe trade up in a few years.

What is the reliability like on these engines?

Regular maintenance is not a concern im just worried about major problems ruining me lol.

Im also planning on buying a house in 18 months. So im not sure i should buy one before i have a garage ready for her.