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After Much Search, Found Ultimate Hose

I couldn't find much info. on hoses and reels, so I figured I'd share my findings. I'm sure there are some others out there that are ridiculous like me and willing to pay for "professional grade."

I just bought and moved into a new home, so I decided I needed to get rid of the Home Depot hose & reel and find a better combination. I wanted a reel that is well designed, a hose that is bulletproof , a few spray nozzles that are heavy-duty, and I didn't want any leaks.

I made a few mistakes. I couldn't find a well designed, heavy-duty reel, so I decided to attempt to adapt a quality air hose reel. I bought this Reel Craft hand crank reel and decided I would try and use a few adapters to make it work for a 5/8" hose. They only make it in 1/2" size.

I underestimated the difference in size between a 3/4" or 5/8" hose and the 1/2" designed reel. I wanted a 100ft. hose, so this didn't work. Oh well, I now have a nice air hose reel. That was a $135 mistake.

I had already found the hose I wanted:

This is a Good Year Rubber hose that has 3/4" hose and 5/8" fittings that swivel to help with kinks. This hose is uber expensive at $130 plus shipping, but I'm guessing I'll have this thing for the rest of my life. It is one serious hose. I would highly recommend spending the extra money. I would caution you that it is heavy when filled with water. You better be working out if you want to move this thing around.

I was super frustrated as I got the hose first and then the Reel Craft reel. I took one look at the hose and then put the reel next the hose. I said to my wife, "I screwed this up." There is no way this monster hose was going to fit on this reel. I thought I was going to have to go buy another crappy Home Depot reel and just replace it every few years like I have been. I just didn't think I would find anything to handle this serious hose.

So I get back online and stumbled on the Rapid Reel. I don't know why I didn't find this thing earlier. I saw it on Griots Garage's website, but I hadn't had any success buying gadgets from Griot. They typically end up in the trash. I then found Elay's website. I was sold.

This thing is perfect! I wish I found this thing a years ago. Just be ready to pony up $140 plus shipping.

Add on an Adam's shut-off valve at $20:

Adam's Fire Hose Nozzle at $60:

Elay's Pistol Grip Nozzle Set at $60. This thing is heavy duty. I bought a couple of Gilmour nozzles and they are junk. I would highly recommend this as I don't like using the fire hose nozzle when cleaning the wheels:

You could also package the reel and pistol grip nozzle to save a few bucks and get a hose, fire-hose nozzle, quick connector, and shut-off valve package through Adam's.

So all in total cost excluding my mistakes was about $450, but I think it will be worth the investment. I hope this helps some others that might be looking as well.