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Originally Posted by chris3g
i think you guys are misinterpreting the oil level readout a bit. it's not meant to show 50%,75%,100%, etc. Any value between the 2 arrows means you are at an acceptable level of oil for driving. Above the top arrow means you are overfilled, and below the bottom arrow means you are low, somewhere between .5 and 1 quart.

This means that you aren't necessarily going to see the indicator at the very top after an oil change, it just means the dealer filled the car to the midpoint of the acceptable range.
The level is not my concern as much as the fact that the oil appears dirty as well as filter when I checked it today. The reason i brought up the level is because I find it more than just coincidence that I got back the car at exactly same level and that the oil life monitor still shows 2600 miles left till service.