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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Well, if it doesn't effect you directly it doesn't matter much. Good for you. I can live with a 10% cut in federal contracts (not happy about it though), but to the guy who lost his or her job because of it it matters - a lot.

See, I pay a shit more taxes now, and will most likely receive less work, and that means I will hire fewer programmers. But hey, go ahead China and hack away...

What's wrong with this country is that people who don't feel the pain don't give a shit. Oh, and I love how Obama didn't use the offer from the republicans to directly implement the cuts... nope, he decided to stay out of it and have the cuts blanket everything. Great leadership Mr. President.
This country needs the cuts and everyone needs to feel the pain. I was just saying we only cut what.... 85 billion?? thats a small drop in the bucket. If it caused all of this drama for a cut that small then the govt def wont get its act together before its too late.

I personally cant wait until entitlements get cut. Thats when things will really get interesting.

As for me, I am currently getting it up the ass from the IRS so I am glad a lot of their workers are getting unpaid vacations.