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Unreasonable Noise from Exhaust Ticket? Advice?

Last night I went out with the girlfriend to go to dinner at the view at Marriott Marquis. Upon leaving the parking garage and turning into times square i heard someone yelling "pull the vehicle over right now!" so I looked around to see what was going on and it was two cops running at my car lol

So in the middle of times square i got a pink summons ticket, my first ticket ever in the m3, saying unreasonable noise from exhaust, violation 24-236A. I asked the officer if I could plead guilty and pay online, but there's no number or website on this summons.

Anyone have a similar experience with getting pulled over and given a ticket in NYC? I live in NJ and i feel like it's much more of a hassle to go all the way to the city to pay for this and I should be able to just pay for it online.

Thanks guys

EDIT: The pink slip doesn't say summons nor does it have a ticket number. Just says complaint/information

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