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Originally Posted by Da M3nace
Interesting subject because I too paid for an oil chnage at local dealership and paid roughly $200. My issue is that the oil level is at 75%, exactly as I turned it in. Secondly, the data on my display still reads 2600 MLS for the oil. I have my suspicion that they did not really change my oil because they were in a hurry to get it back to me same day as it was getting late.

Should I worry? Unfourtunetly, as all you know, the only way for me to confirm oil change would be to let some oil out pan and examine. This is truly the worst idea BMW has had...electronic oil check but with no backup dipstick method.
Finally got around to checking oil. I wound up unscrewing the oil filter cover which is to my surprise located right at top of engine. A little oil spills out so I had to place a rag around opening. I AM CONVINCED THAT THE FILTER AND OIL WAS NOT REPLACED. the filter looks dirty and the oil does not look like it was replaced just four weeks ago.

How should I proceed? Raise all hell and ask for a refund or just suggest that maybe in their rush they didn't do a full drain n flush of old oil. And hope that they recommend another oil change....