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This thing perhaps a stunner for most Americans. But happens everyday in Jakarta, Indonesia, where you can pay for just about anything and everything. Driving on a what supposed to be a restricted (3 in 1 - that is 3 people ride in 1 car to reduce congestion) area during a certain time? No problem. Pay the cop whom pull you over 10 bucks will settle your issue in less than 1 minute . Need to renew your license and you need it in less than 2 hours? (normally it woud take a whole day because you have to retake some exams) No problem. 60 bucks .
Got caught red handed when delivering "a cigarette money"? No problem. Few hundred bucks will get you a get out of a jail card. Want to be a super duper rich and to secure your questionable business/businesses (but you gotta be a well to do first before playing this particular game)? No problem. Just "donate" few million bucks to some particular political parties and fork out some more millions bucks will get you a senate seat.
So you decided to open a rub-n-tug? No problem. Just give some of the shop's shares to your friendly local authority and you're all set.
Want to develop a shopping mall/a residential area/a business area/what have you and decided to break all the zonings and building codes? Again, no problem, dineros will cure your ailment stat

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