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Originally Posted by Goat Rodeo View Post
I was impressed by this work over at the E46 M3 forum:

Personally I use the ol' slow over the crest of a hill or corner, accelerate if no cops in line of sight, repeat, procedure, and it has worked for me pretty well. Works great in a car like the M3 with gearing that scrubs off 10-15mph very quickly when letting off on an incline in 6th gear. It's actually a lot of fun on roads I know very well.

Then again I "drive to drive," I imagine someone who was a bit more distracted or less focused could really use the alerting of a detector.
This + jammer.

The detector doesn't work if they are just cruising around anyway, so you always have to keep an eye out. Really the only time it works for me is when I'm on the freeway. I try not to drive fast in the city because they can just use their eyes and see that I'm speeding.