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Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I ride a wide glide but a friend of mine has a hammer and I've ridden it a few times. It's a nice bike with some good power. He swears by victory's and would never ride a Harley. I am complete opposite...
Although the hammer is nice it doesn't have the power that mine has and it just had a completely different feel and the engine has a metallic sound to it.
FYI His hammer is stock with pipes and mine is stage 2 so I'm sure with an intake an tune he could make some power.
only reason i changed my mind on the HD is because of 4 videos i saw on youtube comparing them to Victories.

it was pretty scary stuff - even though it would be a dream to own a wide glide, i still can't forget the videos i saw.

there are 4 videos - here's the first