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What is wrong with you guys!

This is a positive article that I think really gets to the heart of the issue in the first couple paragraphs. They admit that with every new generation we all hope we will get closer to what the E30 M was. Yet, it appears we get further away everytime. Its hard for a car to live up to that hype but they admit that each new generation is the best in the class. They even go onto to say that the new M3 has stolen the crown from the RS4!

The steering and brakes is an ongoing issue. You cant be on this site and love the E36 M3 or E46 M3 and not understand that this is always a point of dispute with the M3. Get over it... I can post links to articles that talk about what was said about the steering of the E46 M3.

Bottom line, this is a good and positive review with some good insight into the emotions of the M3 cult following.

I agree that this is a somewhat positive article about the new M3, even though it talks up its obvious weaknesses - brakes and steering. The writers prefer the new M3 over the RS4 - but they also warn of the pending intro of the C63 being something that BMW should worry about - big time!!!!