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Hmmm. Maybe I'd like to drive it myself instead of calling for a recall before it's even hit the streets.

As for the Cadillac, weren't you just complaining about BMW going the way of American Muscle, yet you're willing to praise the CTS-V because they're dropping a big ol' pushrod engine in it? Neat.

We'll see how the C63, RS4, and CTS-V hold up when there are some official competitions.

No, I've never driven a Cayman, but I've driven an E46 M3. There were these same complaints by auto journalists about the steering on the E46, but I never had any complaints. If you expected Cayman steering feel from the M3, I think your expectations were a little bit high when even Porsche's higher-end models can't match that.

Have you ever driven an E92 M3?

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