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Geezzz people get bent out of shape about a car.... It's a car, it's a race car, it's the mother of all cars, who cares?? It's not what the OP wants. If it's not your cup of tea, move on. It's not like the OP is going to stop mid project and put everything back together based on your internet tantrum.

I have the option of driving a 911 GTS4, an E92 M3 or a Jeep wrangler everyday. 19 times out of 20 i drive the M3. Hell, i drove the jeep all this week, am i an idiot for doing so? Because i dislike the drive of the 911 so much i'm going to be getting out of it very soon. I'd probably like it better if it were a V8.

OP, i have a friend who did this build and he LOVES the car now. It's always ready to drive, it's much more reliable and it sounds badass! Good luck and keep posting picture updates!
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