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I thought I would add my $.02 to get my post count up enough to PM someone for parts...

Here's what worked for me - I gave up soda and red meat, spread my 2000 calories p/day into 5 to 6 meals and used a BowFlex for 20 minutes, 3 times p/week. I also drank as much water as I could; sometimes as much as a gallon a day to keep myself feeling full. I'm down 85 pounds and kept it off for close to 4 years. Now I eat what I want but not in excess and I still try to stay away from soda and red meat as much as possible. I also run 12 to 20 miles p/week and use the BowFlex. My fear is that if I don't keep exercising, I won't fit into my Bimmer

One of the hardest parts to losing the weight was staying away from beer/alcohol. I've been known to enjoy a beer every now and again and I'm not talking about that swill known as light beer either. I like me the "liquid pork chop" types... Guinness, Hacker-Pschorr weiss, etc, etc. Funny part is that after loosing all those pounds, I still have a little something to grab onto around the waist. I'm sure part of that is due to getting old and genetics.

OK, this should get me to post 3....
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