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Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post
It won't work! I know because this is exactly what I did but didn't help. The court can order bank records for 7 years back and rule that you have to share that money with your X.

Losing my assets didn't hurt me much...But knowing that I have to pay her thousands of dollars every month rest of my life, and her enjoying my money with her boyfriend at some resort is the worst part to swallow
that's bs! i lost it all in vegas last night (can't write that off but it's also 100% legal to be a dumbass). i suck at cups! :devillook

also, swiss bank accounts don't give a fuck about civil suits, they'll only disclose if it's terrorism or some other major intl crime (and that's still a maybe). the swiss banks turned over about $20m that was embezzled from ex-taiwan convict president chen shui bian (do you really think that's all he jacked??)

"dai lo ah, fai dee jo lah!"

yap eddy yapp, don't write back!

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