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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
A 911 is a street legal race car. GT3 Cups are not street legal.

It is a track day car that you can use to drop off the kids and do the groceries with. I daily drove mine for 3 years.

A 911 is not a luxury sports car. It is a street legal race car. If you choose to option it out as a luxury car, that's your prerogative.

Sports chrono pack will give you datalogging. Suspension, engine and brakes are a far cry from race cars? LOL, you've never driven a Porsche have you? Let alone a GT3 RS.
A GT3 Cup Car is a race car. So are the R Hybrid and the RSR.

Suspension engine and brakes on any non-GT 911 are definitely a far cry from their race equivalents.

I haven't driven a GT3. It's a great car, I really love them. A GT3 is not a base 911. It's definitely much closer to the whole race car thing than a C2S or a C4.

Even the GT3 RS 4.0 would get it's ass handed to it by a Cup Car or RSR on a track, so what chance does a base C2 have? Not a race car.