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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
What's with the hate? It is not a build I would do (neither do I have the skills), but his ambition is pretty darn impressive.
I never took away from the ambition or skill. From that PoV it is awesome.
It is to me (and most porsche drivers) a mockery of the car. As if someone would put an AMG engine into an 3series and then badge it "A //M G". I'd love to see the shit storm that would brew around here. Hell, false badging any car here gets tons of hate, but gutting out the heart of a porsche for some american big block?

Originally Posted by triggrhaapi View Post
Oh by all means educate me. A base 911 is a luxury sports car and quite far indeed from being a race car. Even the Turbo 911s are a far cry from being a race car.

I know plenty of people who race 911 Cup cars and many of them will tell you that even the GT3 RS is still quite a bit off the pace of their race cars. Ignoring the lack of KERS or a fuel cell or any of the datalogging equipment, the suspension, engine and brakes are all quite far indeed from a race 911.

Race car. That's a good one. It's a very good car, no doubt, but a race car it is not.
A 911 is a street legal race car. GT3 Cups are not street legal.

It is a track day car that you can use to drop off the kids and do the groceries with. I daily drove mine for 3 years.

A 911 is not a luxury sports car. It is a street legal race car. If you choose to option it out as a luxury car, that's your prerogative.

Sports chrono pack will give you datalogging. Suspension, engine and brakes are a far cry from race cars? LOL, you've never driven a Porsche have you? Let alone a GT3 RS.