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Jericho: you know your stuff

Greenkirby: nobody said to treat women like crap unless you're after bar sluts.

Shah: Yeah- not all women online will be interested even if you'd be a great match. If she has low self-esteem, that's her burden. Don't worry about things you can't control; women are plentiful. I've had much better luck (so far) with online dating than women I meet out and about. Online you can actually know something about her first (values, interests, background). Out and about all you know is you're at the same location at the same time. I have one notable exception with a woman I REALLY connected with who I met at a bar. She's substantially younger, I wouldn't normally consider her my type, and she approached ME! I later joined an online dating site she belonged to only to discover she was my highest match in the entire region. This online stuff works. That said, if I'm interested in someone online I try to grab a drink or something with as little online chit-chat as possible.

This isn't about playing games, guys. It's about a state of mind. If you're faking it you'll be transparent to any girl worth keeping.

Wait 20-30 minutes before replying to a text? Hell no. I reply when I feel like replying. Sometimes that's immediately, sometimes that's tomorrow. If you want to see her or like what she said, reply right away. Otherwise she might make other plans. It helps when you're straight forward in saying you're seeing more than woman. That way you're less needy for the affection of any one, and when you don't reply they have a good idea of why not. You can't get much less needy than that :P

To me it's not just about looking to score, either. That's easy, and if it's your main priority you'll come off as shallow and needy. I really am looking for someone I connect with. I only date smart women I have respect for, and I tend to be very open and affectionate with them when we're alone. More than one has said they learned a lot about emotional intimacy from me.

No games, no BS, but I put my own priorities first.

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