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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
this makes sense picking up girls, getting laid, or getting a girlfriend(worked for me in HS, girls I tended to ignore kept on being annoying and wanted to spend time with me), but what happens after you grow up, get married or advance to a deep relationship? Do you still treat her like crap, show no interest and ignore her calls? How do you keep her wanting you without making you seem like a jerk?

is there a point where you both just grow up and treat each other like normal human beings with love instead of this princess and knight story?

I've been dating my gf for 3.5 years, and I didn't have to do that kinda stuff to get her to notice me. We became friends and after some time we started to just do everything together because we enjoyed each others company. She's not only my gf but also my best friend.

However, the argument does make sense about wants and needs. I remember the first christmas I got my gf some jewelry and she cried tears of joy. Now if I do it she just says pretends like its something normal.

The game changes after you are in a relationship like the one you're talking about. To get in that kind of relationship with a girl you like the hard part and to achieve that you gotta engage the girl to come back to you. Once you gain her confidence and trust, you can be slowly reveal the true YOU. Simple as it is.

Trust me, women tend to overlook a lot of things and that includes a good guy with a great attitude. If she likes, she'll stay else find someone else. The time spent is not waste IMO.
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