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Team P,
I'm a manager of an office. I'm in the office at 7am and I’m out at 7pm.
I'm 36, all of my friends who are also 36 are either married, married with kids or married and trying to have kids.
So I in the past but no longer looked at online dating. As of reading this article I have killed off my account. Though I had a few very good relationships come from it...sadly I no longer have time for this either.

As for why "I think about this" honestly I find it quite interesting. Between the engineering education and the business education and psychology and sociology and my love of's a nice problem to ponder….a thought vacation from the day to day running of my office.

Now if you don’t mind I have to go off to another meeting for another 4 hours….to talk about 50 reasons why we can’t do something rather than focusing on the 1 reason why we should do it and obtain a competitive advantage.