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Originally Posted by Templar View Post

This guy was signed up for OK Cupid, and comes here making fun of online dating?
Sigh...face palm....what I'm saying is (I got angry for no reason)
Due to the insights gained from this article regarding cognitive dissonance caused by the external not matching the internal. Does this mean that the model of online dating is at its core flawed? Such that those women who you as a man find attractive may in fact not be ready willing nor able to accept your heat felt advances and ignore you? And if you took the tact of meeting them where they feel they should be, being slightly offensive, the woman would be offended since she has received dozens of emails of praise….and as such again ignored?

Perhaps an effective online dating model / speed dating model would be one where the women hit on the men and the men then responded. For this would force if not imply that the woman has either come to terms with the dissonance of the external and the internal and is open to being praised for her intellect, beauty or presence OR the woman never had this issue in the first place and this is a non issue.

But this would mean turning the mating instincts we ourselves have ingrained in our cultural DNA on its head. And I don’t think that would ever really get off the ground for many women in our and the greater society not only have a great fear of rejection but also a fear of objectification.

However of the stable and healthy relationships I have seen in my life, a good number were initiated by the girl walking over to the guy rather than the man perusing the woman.

This is called a conversation, you discuss ideas of thoughts and points of view?

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