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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
As the title says, it doesn't seem like many of the recent questions in here are being acknowledged (or responded to). I posted a question more than a month ago and looking through other fairly recent posts seems to show the same type of pattern. I know the website is free and I'm sure you guys are busy, but this section seems kind of pointless if nobody is going to comb through these questions/comments and give a quick response.

Most of the suggestions or questions involve suggestions for improving the site or are just quick questions. Most have the best interest of the community in mind in posting threads here so it seems kind of strange that this, of all sections, is the one where it seems that the mods are largely absent.

Also, it seems that the Off-Topic is no longer a search option under the advanced search.
Yes of course we monitor this area. We are constantly working on the site (basicly 24 hours!) and take good suggestions into account and implement them. We cant respond to every suggestion simply out of time, but also sometimes the suggestions are a little crazy. Of course many people are quite opinionated online and really fly off the handle if you say they are crazy, so I prefer to simply work in the background. This is a general statement and not to imply you are crazy, your question was a simple one of course.

The answer is NO you cannot get a count of your off-topic posts. As was discussed far back in the past, there are alot of post whores who were ruining the experience of the enthusiasts because they wanted to up their silly post counts, so to curb this we selected areas where they were the worst and restricted post counts there.