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Please not the TED vido i posted on the last page.
I think it may answer all of your questions about continued relationships.

also look at the comments section of the article. you may be amazed at what you will see.

Also this makes you ponder online dating?
how do you flirt with a woman who though single and looking has a low view of herself but is armed with the delete key?
Dude 1 "Hey Buttercup269 I love that photo of you on the beach riding the horse! Where was that? Looks like fun?
Buttercup269....oh shit he thinks i'm pretty and wants to talk to me....omg omg omg omg this makes me feel uncomfortable...delete.

Dude 1 “Hey Buttercup269, sup sup girl, that’s a cute looking horse in that photo and the girl on top isn’t too bad either.”
Buttercup269……oh shit what a fucking asshole! Omg omg omg fuck him…delete.

I really don’t mean to be rude, but this is why my therapist drives a top of the line E class she paid for in cash and owns three homes. One here in NJ, one ski house in Vermont and one on the beach in Florida. Not that we men are any better but at least….well…

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