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Originally Posted by ScreaM View Post
Some people just have money to burn.

For the kind of money you have dumped into this could have got an exotic.
Originally Posted by j2m View Post
And some people are just *#@&%#$'s (redacted to avoid infraction)

And for the kind of money you have dumped into buying your M3 could have bought 4 corolla's
Originally Posted by Kensta335 View Post
What will you say next after he buys an exotic and then mods that too? Should've bought a helicopter?

I never understand these replies.
Originally Posted by h4nh View Post
If you didn't like the car, that's completely understandable as you're entitled to your own opinion on taste. However this is a forum of enthusiast that modify their cars. Otherwise we would all have stock M3's. So your opinion regarding what he should do with his money is redundant therefore will cause a shit storm of negative comments towards you. That's the internet and you should know how it works.
ScreaM's comment was probably a bit harsh and not in the overall spirit of the thread, but just be aware that there have been plenty of posts on this board criticizing 335i owners for spending lots of money customizing their cars--"Instead of dumping all of that $ in your 335, you should have just bought an M3 instead." Anyone saying that customizing a 335 instead of buying an M3 is silly and wasteful, then turning around and saying customizing an M3 instead of buying a Porsche or Ferrari or Lambo is not wasteful, is just being hypocritical. Can't have it both ways.

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