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I live/work in SF, and had 20"s with Eibachs on my last M3. The ride was brutal around the Financial District and SOMA, which is right in your 'hood. It was fine in other neighborhoods and the freeways, but downtown SF is brutal. It's riddled with pot holes, expansion joints, plates, and some parts seem to be under perpetual construction. I bent a rim (3-piece forged HRE) and nearly destroyed one of my OEM CF splitters.

On my current M3, I'm going no bigger than 19"s and will not lower the car.
Ah man, this is the answer I was afraid of, but way better to hear now. Bummer on the bent HREs, that couldn't have been fun. I've got a three piece DPE wheels that I'm not looking to wreck either– might have to give another thought to selling them and going with my 18" apex for city duty. Atleast south park is a quick jump to the freeway and getting out of that mess

Thanks for the insights!
I have an E90 with 220 19" and ground control sleeve overs setup by Alekshop. I drive in SF at least once a week for Nike Run Club. I drive thru SoMa and Union Square frequently but know the city quite well. It's not the roads like the ones going thru Beverly Hills. My advice, drive slow and learn your pot and sink holes. Also learn the timed streets like Franklin, Pine, etc. I never bent my Alpina Styling II 18" after 10 years of SF driving, and haven't had any problems. Just keep it under 60 mph on city streets and you'll be fine.

Welcome to SF.