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Originally Posted by Comet View Post
You don't like Porsches or race cars.
A Porsche is a race car.
If you liked race cars and Porsches you'd leave their perfection untouched. You own an air cooled precision machine and you want to add a bulky V8 to it?
Do you realize what that will do to the handling?

You just like big straight muscle car power and want to be able to say you own a Porsche to the women you talk to.

As a Porsche driver, I am disgusted by your abomination.

a Porsche is a street legal race car by design (excluding the 991). It doesn't need race car styling cues, it is a race car. You can buy one and slap it on a track. Your V8 will make the handling completely out of whack.

Whatever you do, don't show up to any Porsche meets, you'll be laughed at.

Dude, a base 911 is not remotely close to a race car. If it doesn't say GT on it, it's not any wilder than an M3 or an AMG C class.

You're a laugh riot. The LS is lighter than the Porsche motor by around 100lbs, so the handling will improve, and if he takes that thing to a Porsche meet, he's probably going to get swarmed by people who are curious about his build. The kinds of people who go to meets aren't pretentious dickbags, they're enthusiasts who do a lot of their own work, particularly in the pre-993 crowd.