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New M5 power curve very similar to the m3

Take a look at this dyno plot of the new M5 someone posted on the M5board. It really looks identical to our S65 dyno plot, only shifted 1000rpms to the left obviously with redline at 7200 RPMS here. But the shape of the absolutely flat torque curve that slowly drifts off at the end and an almost linear power curve.

I must say I do have some faith now that a turbo M car can produce nearly the same power deliver as with a NA engine. Proof is in the dyno. Lag is the only thing that is an issue but delivery of power does not come spiking high and crashing like the 335 or 1m, it is a motor with linear pulling power all the way to redline like a good NA car.

Makes me have new found excitment for the new m3!