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Originally Posted by Stahlgrau View Post
I think you're going a bit overboard with your criticism of the M3 steering. Especially considering you haven't driven one. Accord? American muscle car? It's been said that it is numb near center, but when you put load onto the front end, the steering stiffens up as it should. I haven't heard complaints about the suspension or it's actual performance/grip.

This isn't Cadillac steering we're talking about.
Nice to see post you something of substance. I don't know, the new Cadilac CTS is getting some good reviews and there are rumors out there that the V version may get anywhere from 500-600hp of Corvette muscle dropped under the hood. They are doing extensive testing of this car on the Ring. The C63 also appears from reports to have vastly improved it's steering and handling prowess. It just doesn't make sense why M appears to have dropped the ball in the all important area of steering feel. Just reading the reveiws of those who have tested the car including Steved who is a hardcore M fan. Doesn't concern ya bit, huh? Steering feel only of minor importance to you? Ever driven a Cayman?