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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC
Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
If you're comparing to a C6z06, the C7 will likely be more plush with similar performance, but I wouldn't expect the driving dynamics to be much different.
Clearly you haven't drive a z06 and the regular version of a vette. The z06 is an axe murderer for an amateur such as myself. The C6 440 hp verson was simply a dream to drive hard. The suspension will even be better on the basic C7 and expect it to be better than the C6. The Z06 is so stiff suspension wise, has so much torque and power and is much lighter than the regular car, it was a huge differenc.e[/quote]
I have a z06 and my first track day with it was at Laguna seca in the rain! The car is easy to drive for an amateur as myself but I'm not sure what I'd rate myself as a driver... Also the 06 z06 were notorious for the hard ride and less than forgiving handling. I'm not sure you've driven any z06 newer than that? My second track day with the car had me doing an easy drift across riverside at buttonwillow and getting a 2:04 on stock everything, down to the brake fluid.

Given the fact that the c7 will have less anti dive geometry on the front and skinnier tires, I'm sure the c7 will inspire more confidence and a more transparent steering feel. But as for me, I'm going to hold off on a new car purchase until the m4 is released and then decide....

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