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Originally Posted by ScreaM View Post
You guys crack me if I am not prepared to mod my car to the N-th degree that means I am not an enthusiast?

Not averse to modding at all.. I am on here to learn about it..I have modded my M3 somewhat..but IMO there is a point where modding becomes a hopeless exercise

I do support feeding the starving African children
Exactly were all hopeless. No one is saying there is a threshold to the level of modding until you can be called an enthusiast. We just love to mod more than others and it never ends.

If I or anyone else can afford it then whats it to you. Just live your life without accounting for other peoples money. If he has money to "burn" so be it, no need to state something like that. All that is gonna do is cause a convo like this one to fire up for no reason lol.