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Originally Posted by SwnSng View Post
It boggles my mind how RIGHT this is...those lame vampire movies/books are testament to this phenomena as well as 50 shades of gray.

It's so true...self proclaimed "nice guys" are a needy bunch, stop sulking and get some. Sulking only works if you have already made yourself :P
Thanks I used to be a complete pussy but learned the hard way very recently, and this stuff works!

Most women even want a few subtle elements of being controlled, particularly when things get physical. Many have told me how turned on they get if I, say, firmly hold their arms or hips, or tell them to do something, or use graphically erotic words even if they previously found the words I pick offensive. It's because I'm going after what I want UNAPOLOGETICALLY, in control, and putting myself out there even at the risk of offending her (something I wouldn't have done as a stereotypical "nice guy"). Combine that with elements of gentleness (especially after) and attentiveness to her needs and being low-pressure and you have a winning combo that's effective on women ranging from tattooed tough-girls to businesswomen to doctors to computer programers. Then, just take a similar sort of attitude to non-physical interactions and you're good to go: No more nice-guy syndrome, but you're still not an asshole, either

Disclaimer: I'm only interested in smart, independent girls so maybe your typical idiot with low self-esteem really is just interested in someone treating her like crap.

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