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Originally Posted by BMWFB02 View Post
I have an offer on the passport 9500ci with labor for $1900. They told me at the shop it'a the next gen of the ix as it includes the shifters. They have to wire the damn thing in which I'm not really excited about. Might go with the redline
Careful - you get what you pay for and I'm not sure how much installations cost in your area. With a nice car like ours you don't want some ghetto install. What's a good deal in NY may be a very bad deal in NC. I'd get some firm details from the shop before you spend the money. And look into the STi-R Plus - almost the exact same detector without the useless ZR4 jammers that the 9500ci comes with and much better software (modify individual Ka bands, turn off filters to increase range). Save some money and invest in real jammers when you're ready.

I've seen some horrendously botched 9500ci installs - antennas behind metal (attenuates signal), jammers behind grills (blocks light signal), and severely screwed up wiring. Any shop worth the $ will have accurate testimonials online, and not from sites they sponsor.

The ci is NOT the next gen of the ix - it's a completely different and MUCH better detector. M3 antenna >>>> M4 antenna on the ix.

The Redline is a GREAT second choice, if only they'd give it band segmentation and RDR off options. Ersin may know - does the STi Magnum have those options yet? It's the Redline's Bel twin.
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