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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
But I'll ask it anyways.

I'm looking to step into another car and the M3 is one I've always wanted. I have been tracking one on autotrader for a week or two now, still a little expensive, but not bad.

Here's my dumb question - is anyone bored with their M3? I used to have a 335i and I loved it. But towards the end of the lease, it no longer felt as powerful as it once did...probably true of any car...and I don't know, I still have great memories, but I was also ready for another car.

So - anyone bored, no longer feel the rush? Or is it different? My friend has and E92 M3 and it seems like he is getting bored, he keeps talking about downgrading actually - just something cheap.

I guess there's always an FI option too - I should do some research to see how well they stand up under FI from a reliability standpoint if its low boost. Anyone have FI cars here in Canada?

M3 is a great car. I have an E90 m3 & a E92 335xi. My only suggestion would be to get the m3 with a 6spd MT. I got DCT in my m3 & 6spd MT in my 335xi. You always enjoy shifting gears more. I regret not getting the m3 with a 6spd MT. . Some days I look forward to driving my 335i more then the M3 cause of the transmission, it keeps me more involved with the car & the AWD is allot of fun in the snow to. You will never get bored of an M3. Some of mine friends still love there E36 M3 & enjoy driving them everyday.