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Originally Posted by ortho281 View Post
Thanks! Glad to know I'm not the only one. I think this is due to having so much negative camber which pushes lower part of tire outwards which rubs rear bumper under load. I have been considering reducing camber to -2.3f/-1.8r because of excessive inside tire wear. This may allow me to run 10mm spacers in the rear without rubbing.

No, OEM 19's with 265 PSS's. Yes, they are not hub centric, but the OEM 220M's and my Arc-8's are still able to center on hub with the 5mm spacers. I know some wheels however, will not center with 5mm spacers. I will most likely reduce the amount of camber and go back to using 10mm spacers in front and rear.

Here is a pic of stance with 5mm spacers on the rear. Not as flush but I'm getting used to it.
If you look under the rear fender, you will see that the fender liner where the fender meets the rear bumper sticks out. This is where it is rubbing on my car. I don't think it has to do with negative rear camber.
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