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Well... you just know a comparison is biased when someone says to you that the Toyobaru vert, which he never have driven because no reviewer has, is no competition to the Miata based on the argument that it lacks the ridigity of its coupé brother, which is precisely the argument used to explain what differentiates the Miata as a driver's toy from the Toyobaru as a driver's tool and that qualifies the former as a ‘multi-string tone car' as opposed to the 'single-string tone car'...

When I hear this kind of argument I can't help myself thinking about the same trend of argumentation used by reviewers to describe the differences found between the 1M and the Cayman R.

The fact is, the Cayman R is a better driver's car than the 1M is as the Toyobaru Coupé is a better driver's car than the Miata is. Period. (I owned two NB Miatas in a row as I crashed the first one ).

Anyway, if you still are in doubt after test-driving several cars just do the next logic thing... stick with the lower price tag.

You see, in the Cayman R vs 1M comparo you could always say... the 1M has the lower price tag and better practicality to boot... BUT that you can NOT say about the Miata.

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