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I'm a Christian, not an angry conservative. I believe that everyone has to make their own choice when it comes to what they believe in. Jesus's number one teaching was that brotherly love is universal, love your neighbor, love your enemy, honor your father/mother etc...In fact he challenged practically every social and racial prejudice there was at the time. He also contradicted and rescinded the 'old law' (Leviticus) which is what a lot of people cite when trying to refute Biblical teachings on Homosexuality i.e. don't eat shellfish, don't touch a woman while she is on her period, don't touch someone with boils or soars etc...Unlike the shellfish argument the issue of homosexuality was addressed again in the new testament. Bloggers have pontificated their interpretation of new testament references (Romans 1:26) to homosexuality as rules against prostitution not homosexuality but just because these interpretations are found on the internet doesn't mean they are true.

Bottom line with homosexuality and gay marriage is: Everywhere you find the word marriage in the Bible, the Hebrew word is literally defined as a union of a man and a woman, furthermore any fornication outside of wedlock is a sin...therefore since a man and a man cannot be married in a Biblical sense their fornication is a sin. The govt can issue whatever civil union legislature they want but to call that union a judeo-christian 'marriage' is not only not possible but is the meddling of the govt in church affairs.

Isaiah 5:20-23 best describes the gay marriage movements IMO, people who were raised with Christian values but want to justify their sins because it has evolved into an entire lifestyle.

So lets take a look at the plank in my own eye...rampant materialism...I'd say most Americans struggle with this and its become 'the American way' so its a lifestyle that I take part in every day that is in-fact a sin. Does this make me a hypocrite? Only if I am selective on who I show love to. I have my struggles and you have yours weather you admit them or not. I try to treat others as I would like to be treated regardless of their beliefs. This is what Jesus taught, not militant Bible beating! How can anyone see the merit in Christianity if they are constantly assaulted by its so-called faithful believers?

I've heard the 'Bible scoffed at inter racial marriages' argument as well...This is in reference to 2 Cor 6:14 but that passage has nothing to do with race...its warning against believers marrying non-believers (i.e. a Jew marrying a Muslim, there would be much discourse in a relationship with such theological differences). Only a racist will twist the verse by interpreting it in a way that advances their own prejudices...but since those kinds of people tend to blog online and you feel like quoting them to express your opinion of all Christians then so be it.

If you are interested in my opinions of the original topic they can be found here:

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