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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
Tell us what have you done today to or with your ///M3 (can be anything, washed her, took her for a spin, gave her a nice polish, purchased this or that, took a friend for a drive etc. etc),

As our cars get older we might even do some DIY stuff and this thread might become very useful to all of us ... so tell us what did you do today to your ///M3? Who knows this might even become a Sticky

Let me start ... I ventured thru the snow today, bottled my batch of 60 bottles of red wine, packed them all into my trunk and made it safely back home. I had no choice in the matter my wife took our DD on a shopping spree so against my better judgement I had to take the ///M3. Naturally my toy that I washed so lovingly 2 weeks ago in our drive way is now all dirty again
I re-inflated the tires today. My M3 is sitting tucked away in my garage for the winter. I am going through SERIOUS M withdrawal. Anyway, I am keeping the tires at like 42 psi, and have a battery tender hooked up. I start the car every few weeks, and move it a little to take care of the tires.
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